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It is still not clear who will coach the National League team next season.

SC Bern not ready to announce new head coach yet
Remo Max Schindler /

"We only spend the money we earn. We can simply not afford to sign and pay a coach and one or two import players right now," CEO Marc Lüthi tells Klaus Zaugg (Watson). "We will need a coach at the start of on-ice practice. " He adds that they will thus know who their new head coach will be by the end of June.

Marc Lüthi also talks about the import players in his interview with Zaugg. SC Bern currently has three under contract but would like to add one more for the start of the season. As for a fifth import player, Lüthi states that they are currently not able to afford to acquire an additional player, but if the situation returns to normal, they still can sign one in October or November.

( 04 June 2020 | mso*ech )
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