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The negotiations between the Bears and Christan Wohlwend's assistant did not result in an agreement.

Johan Lundskog remains in the Landwassertal.

Contacted by the Südostschweiz, Raeto Raffainer, team manager of HC Davos, confirms that SC Bern showed interest in Johan Lundskog for the position of head coach: "Yes, the SCB asked us at the beginning of last week for permission to contact him and invite him for an interview".

An agreement, however, was not reached: "We are happy, our coaching team stays together", states Raffainer.

As reported two days ago, SC Bern wants to present their new head coach by the end of the month, and, according to Blick and Watson, possible candidates for the position are Canadians Dave Cameron and, respectively, Gordie Dwyer.

( 14 June 2020 | lle )
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