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What if fewer spectators will be allowed than there are season ticket holders? Raphaël Berger says how Gottéron might handle the situation.

How many fans will Gottéron's players be able to greet?
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As with many other clubs, in HC Fribourg-Gottéron's case even a 60 percent capacity would not be enough to admit their 6,000+ season ticket holders. A possible solution: "Everyone could then simply attend a certain number of games," CEO Raphaël Berger says to the Freiburger Nachrichten. "It's the fairest solution." The final decision, however, will only be taken when the allowed capacity is known.

But at the moment even a capacity of 60 percent seems optimistic, as a majority of the cantons want to keep the limit of 1,000 spectators (see article). Raphaël Berger does not believe that the championship will start under these circumstances: "With 1,000 spectators, we can all close down," he says to the same source. "Unless, of course, there's some drastic financial aid."

( 31 July 2020 | tme )
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