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Despite his contract expiring and not having received an extension offer yet, the defenseman remains positive.

Marc Abplanalp
Monika Majer / RvS.Media

A member of HC Fribourg-Gottéron for almost his whole career, Marc Abplanalp has so far always managed to land a new deal. "For years I have been hearing or reading that this is my last season, that I am not going to get a new contract, but I am still here," he tells La Liberté. "I believe in myself, unlike the media."

For the coming season, he is yet to get an extension, but that does not worry him. " We know that the current season is very special with Corona.. Look at Raphael Diaz. His transfer was only announced in December. A guy like him would usually have been signed in late September or early October. Everything is two and a half months behind schedule", the 36-year-old says.

If he happens to not be re-signed, Abplanalp would also not mind too much, stating that everything would be ready for his life after the hockey-career. "I am looking forward to the future with serenity."

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