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For Swedish forward Erik Thorell, there is no more room on EV Zug's roster next season. A decision about his future is inching closer.

Erik Thorell is currently looking at his options.
EV Zug

"Yes, it's clear that I will not stay," Erik Thorell says in an interview with while pointing at EVZ's new acquisitions Christian Djoos and Niklas Hansson. Nevertheless, the 29-year-old is going to leave Zug with positive feelings:

«Of course, it's great to play in such a good team, with a lot of really good players»
Erik Thorell

Where Erik Thorell will sign next has not yet been decided. "There have been good options for me, but I haven't really decided what I want to do," he says. He has also been in in contact with teams from the SHL, but a return to his native country seems unlikely: "I've been thinking about it and have had talks with various clubs. But it leans towards staying abroad."

For the past two seasons, Erik Thorell has been part of EV Zug. Over the course of the last season, he appeared in 42 regular season games, in which he recorded 24 points (eight goals). In the playoffs, Thorell did not receive any ice time.

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