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In an interview with La Liberté, Slava Bykov is looking back at the contract negotiations of his son Andrei with Gottéron.

Slava Bykov does not agree with the way his son was treated.
Ludovic Peron / CC BY-SA 3.0

"It had nothing to do with my decision to leave the board of directors," Slava Bykov emphasizes when asked if the difficult contract negotiations of Andrei did play a part. "However, I was surprised by the way this matter was handled. This is not the way to treat people."

Bykov also states that this was not a matter of the board of directors and that he did not talk to anyone to try to influence the club's decision, but:

«I must admit, however, that it has weighed on my morale»
Slava Bykov

Moreover, Slava Bykov does not refrain from criticizing team manager and head coach Christian Dubé: "If a player has qualities and a strong character, it's up to you [as a coach] to find a way to handle it well. If it leads to conflict, then in my opinion you are not a good leader."

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