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In addition, Gaëtan Haas will remain with the team and not leave for the NHL this summer.

Possible candidate for Biel: Noah Schneeberger
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

With Janis Moser leaving for the Arizona Coyotes soon, EHC Biel is allowed to sign an additional import player. They have not yet decided whether that will be a defenseman - like the departing Moser is - or a forward, as the Journal du Jura writes.

The team already has eight defenders on the roster, with two imports among them. "If it were not for the fear of injuries, I would start the championship with these eight without hesitation. We are not concerned about quality, but about quantity. Eight defenders are too few to last a whole season", team manager Martin Steinegger states.

Head coach Antti Törmänen mentions that they still have time to decide. "As the preparation goes on, we will see in which area we need that import."

A Swiss option for an additional defenseman would be Noah Schneeberger, a member of Lausanne HC last season. His file is being audited by the club, but a decision has not yet been made."At the moment, I don't think he would make it into the top 6 of our defense. Would he accept that?" Steinegger comments.

On the forward-front, it now is clear that Gaëtan Haas will stay with Biel, as he has not gotten any offers to return to the NHL.

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