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After firing his head coach yesterday, the president did not hold back on criticism.

Who will be HCC's next coach?

HC La Chaux-de-Fonds has to find a new head coach. "He has to have charisma and be able to wake up our divas", Alain Dubois lists as needed qualifications to Arcinfo. The club's president is not very happy with the team's performance so far this season. Stating that it is the executives' job to find solutions, he also holds the team accountable. "But it is up to the players as well to help us on the ice, to win back the crowd. I see that we are no team, neither on the ice nor on the bench and in the locker room." Dubois also says that he cannot really explain how a team that finished the regular season in first place last spring is doing this poorly only a few months later on.

The club is - obviously - looking for a successor for Mikael Kvarnström. According to Arcinfo, a comeback of former HCC-coach Serge Pelletier is not an option, and neither is an employment of Michael Neininger or Gil Montandon. Former Swiss League coach Bob Mongrain is also not too high on their list.

( 06 December 2019 | esi* )

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