Swiss League

Despite the economic uncertainties, EHC Kloten is planning for the promotion, signing preliminary National League-only contracts.

EHC Kloten is trying to conquer an on-ice promotion.

To counteract the economic difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, EHC Kloten's board of directors injected one million francs in December to ensure liquidity. As revealed to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, president Mike Schälchli estimates that a total of about 4 million francs in revenue will be missing.

Moreover, the city of Kloten is coming to the club's aid in terms of stadium rent and catering charges. A loan from the federal government has not been requested, but around 2 million francs are expected as an à-fonds-perdu contribution.

As for the sporting future, EHC Kloten continues to plan on promotion in spring 2021 by signing preliminary contracts with players that would only apply in the event of promotion. However, given the direction that could be taken by the National League (closed league with ten foreigners eligible to play per team), which Kloten's executives apparently do not seem to fully share, the club will remain calm if it does not succeed with the promotion in the spring. The Swiss League is likely to become more attractive as a competitive product.

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