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The forward of the Vancouver Canucks is the second NHL player to not return to finish the 2019-20 season.

Sven Bärtschi

As sources tell TSN's Rick Dhaliwal, Sven Bärtschi will not be part of the Canuck's roster once the NHL resumes play as he has decided to opt out of the remainder of the NHL season. The forward later confirmed the report via his Twitter account.

Bärtschi was invited to the Canucks' training camp as one of the three extra forwards. He will now be replaced by Kole Lind, Dhaliwal reports.

The 27-year-old forward was sidelined for the majority of the 2018-19 season due to a concussion and only got to play in six games for the Canucks this season. He had, however, a good season in the AHL, posting 13 goals and 33 assists.

( 11 July 2020 | mso* )
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