Medical Report

The 29-year-old forward has recovered from the foot fracture he sustained.

Stefan Ulmer
EHC biel

According to the Journal du Jura, Stefan Ulmer will see a specialist on Thursday and if he will receive the green light, he is going to play in Friday's game against Lausanne HC. He would replace Janis Moser who is currently sidelined by a ligament injury (knee).

Moser's injury, however, is less severe than anticipated, as he did not tear any ligaments. For how long he will be out of EHC Biel's lineup is not yet clear. "It is mainly the meniscus that is affected. With this kind of injury, it is impossible to make a prediction. It can heal quickly but just as well lead to four to six weeks of absence," Martin Steinegger states.

( 18 February 2020 | mso )
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