National League

The National League team has decided to play the role of a minority shareholder similarly to the way HC Davos is.

HCB Ticino Rockets with management changes

From here on out, they will contribute to the HCB Ticino Rockets with the loan of four prospects and one import player, provided that there is "a clear and plausible budget and that the possibilities to train and compete for our prospects are such to guarantee their sportive growth." They will also aks all their representatives on the board of the Rockets to resign.

HC Lugano and HC Ambri-Piotta shared the management duties of the team, despite Lugano only having a minority stake in the club's shares. However, the Bianconeri are no longer happy with how the Biancoblù run things and have decided to take a step back from the project: "HCAP has communicated in the last weeks that it doesn't see any need of change with respect to the present management, confirming in this way the will to assume a role of control on the farm-team that distorts its identity."

( 19 February 2020 | mso* )
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