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The capacity of the PostFinance Arena would then be at around 12,000 instead of the usual 17,031 for the next season.

Seats only in SCB's arena next season?
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According to Reto Kirchhofer (Berner Zeitung), SC Bern is currently considering all their options to ensure that they will be able to know which spectator sits where in order to trace back potential COVID-19 cases next season.

In this scenario, the standing room would thus be replaced with 4,000 to 5,000 seats. Standing room season ticket holders would thus (temporarily) get a seat as well next season. Lüthi's goal is that every season ticket holder will have a place in the arena.

"Daniel Koch advises us on how to find a solution so that we can let as many spectators as possible into our arena," SC Bern's CEO Marc Lüthi tells the same source. "We owe these considerations to our fans - and ourselves."

( 10 June 2020 | mso )
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