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According to the Journal du Jura, the 21-year-old defenseman, who has agreed to a two-way, three-year deal, will play in North America this season.

Janis Moser off to Arizona
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

Janis Moser had been drafted by the Arizona Coyotes in this year's NHL Entry Draft. It had not been clear for quite a while whether Moser would stay with EHC Biel for another season or if he would suit up for an NHL organization come September.

However, the signing of Robin Grossmann was an indication that the Seelanders were not counting on Moser to stay. According to the Bieler Tagblatt, the Coyotes had thought about loaning the defender to EHC Biel, but Moser himself wanted to try his luck overseas.

"I told them that - if the possibility exists - I definitely want to come to Arizona," the defenseman tells the Bieler Tagblatt. "That way I can see directly where I stand in comparison with the NHL players." Moser will practice with Biel until the end of August and then join the Coyotes on September 8 for their development camp.

With the departure of Moser, EHC Biel will thus now get the opportunity to use a fifth import player in the upcoming season and will also receive a compensation of CHF 250,000 as per the NHL transfer agreement.

Who they will choose as their fifth import player, remains to be seen. "We will look at the market," team manager Martin Steinegger tells the Journal du Jura. "It could happen pretty quickly or it could also take a while."

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