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The president of the Friburgensis, the ultra group sanctioned by the league, says that not all 83 people were to blame.

The league has issued stadium bans for 83 people.

"On the one hand, we expected it," he admits to La Liberté. "But on the other hand, we thought there would be a little humanity." By humanity, he means: sparing the people who were, in his opinion, not involved. "Young people and girls were with us. They had nothing to do with what happened. Just like those who were on the road for the first time."

The group is thus looking into the possibility to appeal the decision, the president of the Friburgensis says. "We want to defend first and foremost those who are not to blame. For their part, the members of the group assume responsibility," he says to La Liberté.

On Tuesday, the league's committee for order and security sanctioned 83 people from the surroundings of HC Fribourg-Gottéron. They received a three-year nationwide stadium ban due to rioting before, during, and after the road game against the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers on September 16.

( 27 November 2019 | tme )

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