IIHF World Championship

With the 2020 edition being canceled, there is apparently a chance for another shot in three years.

The national team on home soil in 2023?
Robert Hradil / RvS.Media

As Watson's Klaus Zaugg writes, an attempt to bring the 2023 World Championship to Switzerland is in the works. As Latvia and Belarus (2021) as well as Finland (2022) already have specific contracts for their respective events, those are highly unlikely to be rescheduled. The ones in later years (2023 in Russia, 2024 in Czechia and 2025 in Denmark/Sweden), however, have not, and thus there is a chance they might consider agreeing to postpone for a year. This would give Switzerland the chance of hosting it in 2023. Otherwise, they would likely have to settle for 2026.

Michael Rindlisbacher, president of Swiss Ice Hockey, hopes for Switzerland to be able to host a World Championship no later than 2023. He also mentions that they are in contact with the IIHF, the organizing committee as well as all their partners, discussing the different possibilities.

RTS' Marc-André Berset already mentioned the option of Switzerland hosting the 2023-edition a week ago.

( 15 April 2020 | esi )
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